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 Antipasti - Appetizer’s - Starters - Freddo

Marinated Olives V
Mediterranean style olives marinated in Italian herbs with feta cheese. Served with Ciabatta bread
Spinaci & Pancetta
Spinach, avocado and crispy bacon – drizzled in a grain mustard dressing
Avocado & Gamberetti
Avocado served with succulent Norwegian prawns delicately dressed with rose marie sauce, served on a bed of crispy lettuce
Pate Della Casa
Pate served with warm toast and a crispy salad garnish
Cornetto di’ Salmone
Thinly sliced smoked salmon topped with the best prawns in a rose marie sauce, served with garnish on a crispy lettuce bed

Antipasto Amore
Our famous antipasto – a generous selection of Italian meats, fish, cheese & salad 

£6.90 for 1 £12.90 for 2 £15.90 for 3

Thin slices of raw beef fillet marinated in lemon & olive oil, sprinkled with parmesan shavings & rocket salad
Insalata Di Mozzarella V
Caprese Buffalo mozzarella with ripe plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil.
Coppa di Gamberetti
Succulent Norwegian prawns topped with rose marie sauce served on a bed of crispy iceberg lettuce with garnish and bread
Bruschetta V
Lightly toasted bread topped with ripe tomatoes, fresh garlic and basil. Drizzled with tuscan extra virgin olive oil
Bread V
Selection of Italian bread served with extra virgin olive oil and the finest aged balsamic

 Antipasti - Appetizer’s - Starters - Caldo 

Funghi Dolcelatte V
Mushrooms filled with famous Italian dolcelatte cheese coated in Italian breadcrumbs served on a bed of lettuce
Funghi Con Spinaci V
Whole mushrooms filled with baby spinach topped with the finest mozzarella cheese, finished in a light tomato and garlic sauce
Chef’s special Italian recipe, Traditional homemade meat balls in a red wine & tomato sauce, with a hint of fresh garlic (served with Ciabatta bread)
Zuppa Del Giorno
Seasonal home made soup served with lightly toasted ciabatta bread
Funghi Al’ Forno V
Oven baked garlic mushrooms
 Also available with prawns  £6.90
Ciabatta Bites V
Bite sized golden baked garlic & herb dough balls, served with a dip on a bed of crispy mixed leaf lettuce
Fritto Misto
A combination of calamari strips, whitebait & king prawns. Lightly fried accompanied with a wild rocket leaf salad tossed in aged balsamic garlic olive oil.
Pizza Al’ Aglio V
in house freshly baked tradional style pizza with italian plum tomatoes, fresh garlic, topped with a sprinkling of blended cheeses.
Pane Al’ Aglio
French bread drenched in garlic butter & parsley
Calamari Fritti
Deep fried squid in a light breadcrumb coating served with a garnish & lemon
Bruschetta V
Lightly toasted Italian ciabatta bread topped with homemade onion & pepper salsa, fresh tomatoes, browned in the oven with melted mozzarella - (or with wild mushrooms)
Gamberoni Amore
Large succulent king prawns in shells cooked in a tangy garlic butter & fresh Sicilian lemon sauce with a hint of white wine & parsley
Peperoni Ripieno
Slow Roasted Half Pepper filled with mince beef & rice topped with buffalo mozzarella Baked to a golden finish

Bianchetti Fritti
Deep fried whitebait served with garnish, lemon and tarter sauce

Cozze Napoli
Tasty half shell green lip New Zealand mussels simmered in an Italian tomato and garlic sauce & hint of red wine (available with fresh mussels when in season)
Cozze Alla Panna
Tasty half shell green lip New-Zealand mussels simmered in a creamy sauce with fresh parsley and a hint of French Brandy (available with fresh mussels when in season)

Manzo - Beef

All our Beef is hung for a minimum of 21 days to mature

Filetto Alla Griglia
Fillet steak, chargrilled to your liking served with shallow fried mushrooms & Onion rings.
Filetto Boscaiolla
Fillet steak cooked with mushrooms, peppers a hint of red wine and marsala finished in a cream sauce with a sprinkling of black pepper.
Filetto Al Pepe
Fillet steak char grilled to your liking cooked in a simple but delicious combination of cracked peppercorns, French brandy and cream.
Fileto Rossini
Fillet steak char grilled then cooked with Marsala Liquer and cream topped with a thin slice of pate served on special spiced fried bread.
Filetto Pizziola
Tender fillet steak cooked with onions, capers olives and a hint of fresh garlic and home made pesto in a rich pomodoro sauce.
Filetto alla Favorita
Fillet Steak filled with pate wrapped in bacon, cooked with caramelised shallots. In a rich port sauce on crouton (this dish can not be cooked well done)
Filetto Diana
Fillet steak chargrilled and served in a rich mushroom, brandy and cream sauce
Strips of marinated fillet steak, pan fried with shallots, sweet roasted peppers, aubergines, baby potatoes and olives, a hint of chilli to give this dish a spicy finish with home made pomodoro sauce
Marinated pieces of fillet cooked with mushrooms, French brandy, & a hint of French mustard in a rich cream sauce
Filetto Dolcelatte
Marinated Fillet Steak in a Port & Chianti wine sauce glazed with dolcelatte cheese & cream
Slices of Fillet Steak panfried in truffle oil with mixed woodland mushrooms & shallots. Seasoned with sage in a vino bianco & cream sauce
Amore Filetto Speciale
Tender fillet steak cooked with marinated sun dried tomatoes, a hint of brandy, black pepper and cream topped with 2 succulent shell on king prawns

 Pollo - Chicken

All our chicken dishes are made using Free Range Chicken breast.

Pollo Alla Griglia
Chargrilled chicken breast served with marinated pan fried mushrooms
Pollo Dolcelatte
Chicken breast cooked with onions, mushrooms, smoked bacon & dolcelatte cheese, finished in a cream sauce with a light sprinkling of black pepper.

Pollo Alla Cacciatora
Chicken breast coated with mushrooms and shallots, a hint of red wine and fresh garlic in a pomodoro sauce topped with fresh basil.

Pollo Limone
Breast of chicken shallow fried in butter, vino bianco and fresh lemon juice, finely chopped parsley and black pepper gives this tangy chicken dish a great flavour.
Pollo Ananas
Breast of chicken baked in a rich cream sauce, topped with cheese, pineapple & ham.
Pollo Stroganoff
Diced pieces of marinated chicken breast cooked with mushrooms, fresh mustard & a hint of brandy, simmered in a cream sauce.
Pollo Asparagus
Chicken breast shallow fried in white wine, cream & a touch of dijon mustard, topped with asparagus & golden parmesan cheese.
Pollo Formaggio
Tender Breast of chicken shallow fried  with onions, bacon & white wine. Finished in a delecate dolcelatte cheese sauce served on a bed of spinach.
Pollo Avocado
Succulent breast of chicken cooked with mushrooms, shallots & brandy topped with half a ripe avocado finished in a cream sauce.
Amore Pollo Speciale
Whole breast of chicken, pan fried in butter with mushrooms and peeled prawns. A hint of pomodoro and cream gives this chicken dish a rich creamy finish.
Pollo Porcini
Chicken breast in a cream & brandy porcini mushroom sauce
Pollo Pepe Verde
Chargrilled chicken breast cooked in a cream sauce with fresh green peppercorns a hint of Dijon mustard, white wine & brandy sauce

  Pesci - Fish

Please ask for our fish special of the evening

 Filleted sea-bass £18.90
Gamberoni Amore
Succulent king prawns in shells, pan fried with fresh garlic, butter, lemon juice & a touch of French brandy.
Salmone Tarragon
Char-grilled salmon fillet cooked with mussels, prawns, a hint of white wine & tarragon, finished in a creamy sauce.
All our fish dishes are seasoned and grilled. Why not enhance your dish with one of our homemade sauces at no extra cost 
A crisp lemon sauce with fresh parsley, a hint of vino Bianco. Drizzled with sicilian lemon oil. 
Roasted balsamic shallots, tarragon & Dijon mustard. Finished in a light cream sauce. 

A delicate tomato sauce with roasted fresh garlic, basil leaves and a hint of Chianti wine

*48 hour notice needed for Dover Sole & Lobster Thermidor. Price at market value.


Calzone Ananas
Our classic pizza base folded & filled with homemade bolognaise sauce, chicken, sweetcorn & pineapple, topped with homemade tomato sauce & cheese


Calzone Bolognaise
Our classic pizza base folded and filled with homemade bolognaise sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms, olives topped with homemade sauce & cheese


Calzone Tradizioiale
Our classic pizza base folded & filled with pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers & fresh green chillies. Topped with homemade tomato sauce & cheese.


Calzone Speciale
Traditional pizza base, folded with toppings inside. Mushrooms, onions, pepperoni, ham, chicken & Choritzo. Topped with homemade bolognese & bacon.


Le Pizze - Pizza

Our Pizza’s are homemade using a traditional Italian recipe. All Pizzas are cooked to order. We use the finest Italian plum tomatoes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil & 100% pure mozzarella cheese
Margherita Regina V
Traditional cheese & tomato pizza with a light sprinkling of Italian herbs & fresh basil.
Verdure V
Selection of vegetables, garlic & a sprinkling of herbs - vegetarian favourite!
Fiorentia V
Spinach, parmesan and a free range egg with garlic & olives.
Funghi e Formaggio V
Closed cup mushrooms, goat cheese, garlic oil & mozzarella topped with rocket
Pomodoro Pesto V
Marinated sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, pesto, mozzarella, tomato & garlic oil
Quattro Formaggio V
Four of Italian’s Favourite cheese on each Quarter.
Pizza di Prosciutto
A sprinkling of mozzarella cheese topped with prosciutto, rocket leaves & wafer thin shavings of Reggianio Cheese
Quattro Stagioni
Four seasons in one, mushrooms, pepperoni, olives, anchovies & capers.
Spicy beef, onions, peppers, mushrooms and chilli.
Devilishly spicy with pepperoni, onions, peppers & tabasco, plus extra fire with green chilli’s.
Pollo Parmigiano
Char-grilled chicken & mushrooms with a sprinkling of parmesan & fresh basil.
Crispy pancetta, roasted tomatoes & chargrilled vegetables with a tomato & pesto base
Pollo Pesto
Chicken Strips & pesto topped with mozzarella & garlic oil
A selection of seafood with ground black pepper to bring out the full flavour
Each Additional Topping

La Pasta - Pasta Dishes

Selection of - Spaghetti, Penne & Fettucini pasta
Pomodoro V
Homemade italian tomato sauce cooked with fresh roast garlic, Tuscan extra virgin olive oil & basil. (Homemade pesto may also be added to this sauce)
Tender salmon pieces cooked with asparagus spears, cream & a hint of tomato, a creamy sauce finished with a sprinkling of ground black pepper
A delicious cream sauce, smoked bacon, a hint of parmesan cheese & ground black pepper.
Traditional homemade Italian bolognaise sauce recipe.
A homely dish of baked pasta layered with our chef’s homemade bolognaise sauce, béchamel & parmesan
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni V
Oven baked pasta tubes filled with baby spinach & Italian ricotta, a hint of pomodoro sauce & béchamel, finished with a light sprinkling of fresh parsley
Marinated mixed seafood cooked in a pomadoro sauce, a hint of fresh garlic & a touch of red wine
Pomadora sauce, jalapeño chillis, onions & peppers & a hint of fresh garlic, make this a nice spicy pasta dish!
Zucchini & Gamberatti
Courgettes & prawns cooked in a light cream sauce & a hint of pomodoro
Fettucine Alfredo
Fettucine with marinated pieces of fillet steak cooked with peppers, fresh spinach & onions, finished in a white wine and cream sauce.
Amore Polpette Speciale
Our chef’s homemade Italian meatballs in tomato sauce, a hint of fresh garlic & parsley, a favourite Italian pasta dish!
Char-grilled chicken breast pieces cooked with mushrooms & a hint of parmesan in a delicate cream sauce.

Strips of marinated fillet steak, pan fried with shallots, sweet roasted peppers, aubergines & olives,
a hint of chilli to give this dish a spicy finish with home made pomodoro sauce.

This Dish Also Available in a vegetarian Option


Stelle Bufala V
Fresh pasta parcels filled with buffalo & fresh spinach. Finished in cream sauce


Stelle Al Salmone
Fresh pasta parcels filled with salmon & mascarpone in a cream sauce


Risotto - Rice Dishes

Made with Alborio Rice
Risotto Romanese
Char-grilled chicken breast mushroom & asparagus, subtle combination of basil, black pepper & a hint of fresh garlic gives this dish a great taste!
Risotto al Salmone
Tender Salmon fillet cooked with mushrooms, peppers & asparagus spears, a hint of pomodoro sauce, makes this a fish lovers favourite rice.
Risotto Pescatore
Marinated seafood cooked in a pomadora sauce, a hint of fresh garlic, ground black pepper makes a delicious, tasty rice dish.
Risotto Con Vegitali Piccante V
Vegetarian dish – a selection of mixed vegetables with freshly chopped parsley, garlic and chilli.
Amore Risotto Speciale
A tasty combination of char-grilled chicken breast, prawns, anchovies, baby spinach, onions & asparagus spears, cooked with fresh basil, a hint of tomato & fresh ground black pepper to bring out the full flavour.
Wild Mushroom Risotto
Albario Rice with wild mushrooms, shallots, garlic and white wine.

Insalate - Gande

Grand Chicken Cesar
Shredded pieces of char-grilled tender chicken breast with anchovies, parmesan, seasoned croutons & mixed leaf lettuce, drizzled with our homemade creamy cesar dressing & served with Italian style Ciabatta bread

Small £6.90

Large £9.50

Insalata Salmone
Flaked salmon with pancetta, bacon & avocado in a mixed leaves salad

Small £7.90

Large £12.50

Insalata di Filleto
Strips of marinated fillet steak (min 6oz) & pancetta with peppers, sweet cherry, tomatoes, cucumber, seasoned mixed leaves basil & mint

Small £9.50
Large £13.90

Pollo Con Pancetta Salad
Strips of marinated chicken & pancetta with peppers sweet cherry, tomatoes, cucumber, seasoned mixed leaves basil & mint

Small £7.90
Large £12.50

Compliment Your Meal 

 A selection of traditional italian salads are available to compliment your pizza/pasta. 
Rucola & Parmigiano
Rocket leaves & wafer thin parmigiano shavings tossed in an aged balsamic vinegar dressing.
Pomodori & Cipolla
Sliced tomatoes with thinly sliced red onions, drizzled with finest tuscan extra virgin olive oil.
Insalata di Mozzarella Capresse
Buffalo mozzarella with ripe plum tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil & fresh basil
Insalata Mista
Mixed salad leaves with tomatoes & cucumber topped with roasted balsamic onions.
Golden Fried Zucchini
Battered courgettes deep fried
 French Fries  £3.25
Seasoned Potato Wedges  £3.25
Onion Rings


Whole Fried Mushrooms


Green Salad


Selection of cooked vegetables


Daily specials available on starters & main courses. Please ask

*All prices include VAT - There is a £10 minimum cover charge.
An optional 10% service charge will be added to parties of 10 or more.
Due to the presence of nuts in some dishes we cannot guarantee the absence of nut traces in our dishes.
Gluten FREE pasta available on request, but we cannot guarantee the absence of wheat traces in our dishes.

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